Blockchain Verification Policy

First created: May 27, 2019

Last updated: June 24, 2024

DARJYO Document Verification Announcement

Important Notice Regarding DARJYO Document Authenticity

This announcement is intended to inform recipients of DARJYO (Pty) Ltd. issued documents about our verification process implemented to ensure document authenticity and security.

DARJYO Leverages Blockchain Technology for Document Verification

We are committed to providing a secure and transparent document verification process for all our officially issued documents. To achieve this, we have chosen to publish a permanent record of all issued documentation on the blockchain. This immutable record ensures the authenticity of our documents and allows for independent verification by third parties.

How to Verify DARJYO Document Authenticity

- Verification via Blockchain: Upon issuance, a reference to your document will be accessible on the blockchain for public verification.
- JSON Download for Independent Verification: You can download a JSON file containing document details, timestamps, and cryptographic signatures for independent verification using verification services or for storage within a personal digital wallet.

Recognizing a DARJYO Authorized Document

DARJYO's official electronically transmitted or printed documents are digitally signed and include special features for verification:
Special characteristics only visible to DARJYO and the intended recipient are embedded within the document. This certificate verifies document authenticity and confirms that the content has not been tampered with.

Warning Signs of a Fake DARJYO Document

If the document lacks the valid digital hash or displays an invalid message, reject the document immediately. This indicates an inauthentic digital signature or altered content.

Author Unknown Message: This message may appear due to a self-signed certificate, an untrusted certificate authority, or an incomplete revocation check. Ensure a proper internet connection and reject the document if validation fails.

Preserving Document Confidentiality

DARJYO documents are intended solely for the designated recipient. Distributing or forwarding these documents to any unauthorized person or organization is strictly prohibited. Releasing the record or disclosing its contents to a third party requires written consent from the record owner.

DARJYO is a trusted intermediary specializing in secure delivery of official electronic credentials. All documents delivered via DARJYO are verified and secure.

Contact Us

For any inquiries regarding DARJYO document verification, please contact us directly.



This announcement is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice.